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Wifitrades.com strives to become the most preferred Financial website in financial sector, providing best products and services. Wifi trades was founded on the principals of integrity, service excellence and a dedication to client success. We provide each client with customized solutions to meet their financial goals.
It means bringing experience, expertise and independent research to inform investment decisions. We deliver services with drive, energy, thoughtfulness and integrity.
Wifi trades was established by a group of market professionals from who shared the belief that only forward thinking technology solutions can address the growing issues facing the rapidly changing world of markets. This belief continues to propel a heavy commitment to R&D enabling wifi trades to consistently lead the market with the most effective technologies to solve the needs of global and low latency market data distribution.

Wifitrades.com has been providing financial assistance analysis to private in India since 2010. The service was started at the request and with the assistance of several hundreds of trades who wanted an arm's length organization to evaluate financial aid applications and provide an unbiased evaluation of the applicant's financial resources.
We are an organization managed by professionals having sound knowledge in stock markets and with people having accounting, financial and tax experience.

Our goals are:

  1. To provide quick, insightful, unbiased financial evaluations of the financial resources available to financial assistance applicants; and

  2. To act as a financial assistance advisor and consultant to the finance and admissions departments, to help them effectively manage and continually improve their trading process. 


1. Trend of all stocks at a go
2. 2 days fully functional trial
3. Excellent customer support
4. Low subscription charges
5. Great accuracy in all segments

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